Carter Drank 15.75 Gallons Of Water In 4 Weeks.he Drank The Same Amount Of Water Each Day.about How Many (2023)

Mathematics Middle School


Answer 1

To answer this first lets see how many gallons of water he drinks per week.

15.75÷ 4 =3.9375

Now lets divide to see how much he drinks each day.

3.9375÷ 7 =0.5625

20÷0.5625 =35.5555...

So, it will take Carter about 35 and a half days to finish 20 gallons.

Hope I helped ya!!

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Rachel is putting 3,902 bagels into boxes. If she puts 8 bagels in each box, how many boxes can she fill?? Write the answer as a mixed number


So, the answer is 487 and 3/4

U have to divide 3902 and 8

How many fractions are equivalent to 4/5


There are an infinite number of them.

-- Think of any number.

-- Multiply 4 by your number. Write it on top.

-- Multiply 5 by your number. Write it on the bottom.

-- You have a new fraction that's equivalent to 4/5 .

How many different numbers can you think of ?
That's how many new fractions you can create
that are ALL equivalent to 4/5 .

There is an infinite amount of numbers equivalent to 4/5 such as:

Which exponential function goes through the points (1,8) and (4,64)? A) f(x)=4(2)^x

B) f(x)=2(4)^x

C) f(x)=4(2)^-x

D) f(x)=2(4)-x


Plug in (4,64) into each answer choice.

A) 4(2)^x
64 = 4(16)
64 = 64

Answer choice A is correct.

B) f(x) = 2(4)^x
64 = 2(4)^4
64 = 2(256)
64≠ 512

Answer choice B is incorrect.

C) f(x) = 4(2)^{-x}
64 = 4(2)^{-4}
64 = 4(-0.0625)
64≠ 0.25

Answer choice C is incorrect.

D) f(x) = 2(4)^{-x}
64 = 2(4)^{-4}
64 = 2(0.00390625)

Answer choice D is incorrect.

Your answer is B) f(x)=2(4)^x

a bottle contains 3.5liter of water. A second bottle contains 3,750 millimeters of water .how many more millimeters are in. the larger bottle than in the smaller bottle


Well, if you convert 3.5 liters to 3,500 milliliters, all you do from there is do

3,750-3,500 =250 milliliters

3.5 L= 3,500 mL

3,750 mL- 3,500 mL= 250 mL

The larger bottle has 250 mL more than the smaller one has~

How many pounds are equivalent to 40 ounces


The equivalent to 40 pounds are 2.5pounds.

an elevator travels 117 feet in 6.5 seconds. what is the elevators speed as a unit rate? explain answer.


The elevator need to climb 117 feet and it reaches 117 feet in 6.5 seconds only. Now, let’s solve for the unit rate of the elevator. What is it’s speed. => 117 feet is the distance that the elevator needs to climb. => 6.5 seconds is the now. To find the speed let’s follow that formula. S = d/t => 117 feet / 6.5 seconds => 18 feet per seconds Unit rate of the elevator speed = 18 feet/s

Each month for 7 months, Samuel mows 3 lawns. How many more lawns does he need to mow before he has mowed 29 lawns. I think it is 8 more lawns and not 7.
7x3=21; 29-21=8.

Am I wrong?


Answer: No, He needs to to mow 7 more lawns before he has mowed 29 lawns.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given: The number of lawns by Samuel in each month =- 3

The number of months he mowed the lawns = 7

Then, the number of lawns mowed by Samuel =

Let x be the number of lawns he needs to mow before he has mowed 29 lawns, then x

What I did is 7×3 and got 21 then counted up in till I got to 29 and I got 6 not 8.

stickers are made with the same ratio of width to length. a sticker 2 inches has a length of 4 inches. complete the table



x (Widht) y (Length)

1 2

2 4

3 6

4 8

5 10

Step-by-step explanation:

We can simplify the ratio 2 : 4 by dividing both terms by the greatest common factor, in this case by 2



So, with this information we can find the length multiply by 2 the width


inches will be x and length will be y you multiply x by 2 to get y

Minxia counted 40 green cars and 20 silver cars in the parking lot. If the number of green cars stays the same, how many more silver card would need to be added so the ratio of green cars to silver cars is 1 to 3?


The number of silver cars that need to be added will be 100.

What are ratio and proportion?

A ratio is a group of sequentially ordered numbers a and b expressed as a/b, where b is never equal to zero. When two objects are equal, a statement is said to be proportional.

Minxia counted 40 green vehicles and 20 silver vehicles in the parking garage. On the off chance that the quantity of green vehicles remains something similar.

Let 'x' be the number of silver cars that need to be added.

If the ratio of green cars to silver cars is 1: 3. Then the number of silver cars that need to be added will be given as,

40 / (x + 20) = 1 / 3

Simplify the equation, then we have

40 / (x + 20) = 1 / 3

(x + 20) = 40 x 3

x + 20 = 120

x = 100

The number of silver cars that need to be added will be 100.

More about the ratio and the proportion link is given below.


What I did is that: I multiply 40 by 3 because 40 is 1/3 and I have to find the answer for 3/3 (Confusing, sorry I don't know how to explain it correctly). I got 120, subtract 20 from 120 beacause ther is 20 silver cards. The answer is 100

A cartoon lasts 18 minutes.How many seconds is the cartoon?


The Cartoon lasts 1080 seconds.

what is Unitary Method?

The unitary technique involves first determining the value of a single unit, followed by the value of the necessary number of units.

For example, Let's say Ram spends 36 Rs. for a dozen (12) bananas.

12 bananas will set you back 36 Rs. 1 banana costs 36 x 12 = 3 Rupees.

As a result, one banana costs three rupees. Let's say we need to calculate the price of 15 bananas.

This may be done as follows: 15 bananas cost 3 rupees each; 15 units cost 45 rupees.


A cartoon lasts 18 minutes.

We know, 1 minute = 60 seconds

So, 18 minutes= 60 x 18

= 1080 seconds

Hence, the cartoon lasts 1080 seconds.

Learn more about unitary method here:


18 Minutes
So 1 minute equals to 60 seconds.
So 60 times 18 equals 1,080.
Hope this helped and if you need more help then just message me instead :)

Alyssa divides a granola bar into halves. How many equal parts are there?


Answer: If Alyssa divides a granola bar into halves then there are two equal parts.

Step-by-step explanation:

We know that to divide a thing in half means to divide or split it into two equal parts.

Therefore if Alyssa divides a granola bar into halves then it means that she divides a granola bar in two equal parts .

It means there are two equal parts of the granola bar.

Hence, the number of equal parts of granola bar when divided into halves = 2

1 split into two equal parts so the answer is 2

Suppose you have a coupon for a 20% discount. You buy a game that costs $38. The sales tax rate is 5.5%. Sales tax applies to the cost after the discount. What is the total cost of the game?


$32.072 ≈$32.07
20% of $38 is equal to $7.60
$38 - $7.60 = $30.40
5.5% of $30.40 = 1.672
$30.40 + $1.672 = $32.072

The rule for a pattern is add 6. The first term is 5. Write the first five terms in the pattern.


The answer is:5 11 17 23 29


The answer to this question is 5+6=11, 11+6=17, 17+6=23, 23+6=29 so the answer is 5,11,17,23,29

Step-by-step explanation:

Julia has 14 pounds of nuts .there are 16 ounces in one pound. how mant ounces of nuts does she have


The number of ounces of nut does she have is 224 ounces.

Using this formula

Number of ounces=Pound of nuts× Ounces in one pound


Pound of nuts=14

Ounces in one pound=16

Let plug kin the formula

Number of ounces=14×16

Number of ounces=224 ounces

Inconclusion the number of ounces of nut does she have is 224 ounces.

Learn more about number of ounces

There are 14 pounds of nuts, and each are 16 ounces.

14*16 = ?

14*16 = 224

Final answer:She has a total of 224 ounces of nuts.

2.1 liters of coffee were equally distributed to 30 cups. How many milliliters of coffee were in each cup?


The amount of coffee in each cup is the average coffee in the cups.

The amount of coffee in each cup is 70mL

The given parameters are:

So, the amount in each cup is:

Substitute known values

Convert liters to milliliters

Hence, the amount of coffee in each cup is 70mL

Read more about mean and averages at:

70 ml

Further explanation


2.1 liters of coffee were equally distributed to 30 cups.


How many milliliters of coffee were in each cup?

The Process:

Step-1: converting liters into milliliters


Let us change the 2.1 liters unit of coffee into milliliters.

Therefore, 2,100 mL of coffee are available for distribution.

Step-2: calculating how many milliliters of coffee were in each cup

We have to divide the total amount of coffee by the number of cups.

The numerator and denominator are equally divided by 10.

Thus, 70 milliliters of coffee were in each cup.

Learn more

  1. Who mowed more of the lawn? How much of the lawn still needs to be mowed?
  2. How much longer did Jean-Luc take than William in hours?
  3. Create and solve a story problem about two friends and their weekly allowance

Keywords: 2.1 liters of coffee, were equally distributed, to 30 cups, how many, milliliters, in each cup, least common multiple, LCM, numerator, denominator

On every three hamburgers that McDonald's makes, they use 9 pickles write the ratio in simplest form.How many pickles would they use on 100 burgers( show work)


Answer: They would use 300 pickles for 100 hamburgers.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given: McDonald's use 9 pickles for 3 hamburgers

⇒Ratio of hamburger to pickles=3:9

Ratio in simplest from 3:9==1:3

⇒McDonald's use pickles for 1 hamburger.

Now Number of pickles for 100 hamburgers= 100×3=300

Therefore, They would use 300 pickles for 100 hamburgers.

3/9 x/100 cross multiply to get 300=9xx
Now you have an algebraic equation.
divide 300 by 9, and you'll have your answer which is 100 pickles.

There are 12 inches in 1 foot. what fact family would you use to find the number of inches in 2 feet?


The fact is that 1 foot equals to 12 inches, so I will just have to add 12+12 or just multiply 12x2 which is 24. There are 24 inches in 2 feet.

Hope I helped:)

So like you said there are 12 inches in a foot so we can set it up like this:
x = 12
x is the feet and the variable is the inches
so if u need to find 2 feet it would be
2x = 24
24 is the answer

leigh has a piece of rope that is 6 2/3 feet long. how do you write 6 2/3 as a fraction greater than 1?



Step-by-step explanation:

we have

Convert mixed number to an improper fraction

Remember that

The answer is 20/3 because you have tomultiply 6 times 3 and add the 2

Marjani's garden contains roses, daffodils,and tulips.About 3/5 of the flowers are tulips.What percent of the flowers in Marjani's garden are NOT tulips? A.40 percent
C.60 percent
D.70 percent


The fraction indicating the number of flowers that are not tulips is:
1- 3/5= 2/5

=2/5* (100/100) (because 100/100= 1)
= 2/5* 100%
= 40%

The correct answer is A. 40 percent~


The answer is A.40 percent

Step-by-step explanation: The fraction indicating the number of flowers that are not tulips is:

1- 3/5= 2/5


= 2/5* (100/100) (because 100/100= 1)

= 2/5* 100%

= 40%

On Monday at a summer camp spent 4 hours 25 minutes ta the pool learning to swim in the morning the spent 2 hours 48 minutes at the pool how long did the students spend at the pool in the afternoon


Every hour has 60 minutes. If you add 48 minutes from the second time and 25 from the first time, it will give you 73 minutes. If you subtract that by 60 then it will give you 13 minutes. Since 73 was greater than 60, you gain another hour. If you add 4, 2, and that one additional hour, it will be 7 hours. In the end it is 7 hours and 13 minutes. Hope this helps! :)

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