How To Write 13/16 As A Decimal (2023)

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Answer 1

Divide 13 divided by 16

Answer 2

Convert the fraction to a decimal by dividing the numerator by the denominator, to approximate the decimal result.
13 divided by 16 =0.8125

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How do i solve the problem f(x)=7x+8


If you just want to find the roots/ x-intercept, you just have to plug in 0 for y


8/7 is the root/ x-intercept/ solution

If you want to find the y intercept, just by looking at the equation you can find it. Since it's in slope intercept form, the y intercept is 8.

The Grand Prix Formula 1 race this weekend is in Singapore. The race consists of 61 laps around a 5.067km long track. At 225 miles per hour, how many seconds will it take to go around once?


I think the answer would be 50.67 seconds. I hope my answer helps you :)

suppose that a superball dropped from a height of 50ft always rebounds 1/5 of the distance fallen. approximately how far does the ball travel before coming to rest?


The answer is 50ft......



62.48 ft.

Step-by-step explanation:

Initial height: 50 ft.

  1. First rebound: 10 ft.
  2. Second rebound: 2 ft.
  3. Third rebound: 0.4 ft.
  4. Fourth rebound: 0.08 ft.

If we approximate the fourth rebound to zero, we'll have:

50 + 10 + 2 + 0.4 + 0.08 = 62.48 ft.

3/4 ÷ 2 (with calculation shown please?


3/4÷ 2=3/4÷ 2/1=3/4*1/2=3*1/4*2=3/8
The answer is 3/8

3/4 divided by 2--> change to multiplication reciprocating the second number--> 2/1 into 1/2==now you have 3/4 times 1/2=3/8

Which Of the following ratios correctly describes the tangent function


The tangent is y/x. or sin/cos.

Not quite sure what the answer choices are, but a common ratio for tangent is tanx = sinx/cosx, or tanx = y/x, because sin represents the y coordinate and cosine represents the x coordinate on a unit circle

Ile to jest 5 2/5-2 3/5


1. 5 2/5 (5*5=25+2=27) = 27/5
2. 2 3/5 (2*5=10+3=13) = 13/5

27/5-13/5= 14/5


a rectangular piece of metal is 10 in. longer than it is wide. squares with sides 2 in. long are cut from the four corners and the flaps are folded upward to form an open box. if the volume of the box is 832 in. cubed, what were the original dimensions of the piece of metal


Volume of the box = length * width * height

length of original peice = x + 10 , width = x

length of box (x + 10) - 4 = x + 6
width of box = x - 4
height of box = 2

so we have

2 * (x -4) * ( x + 6) = 832

2x^2 + 4x - 48 = 832

2x^2 + 4x - 880 = 0
x^2 + 2x - 440 = 0

(x + 22)(x - 20) = 0

x = 20

so width of original piece of metal = 20 ins , length = 30 inches.

If n-y=4y-n/m find n when y=3 and m=7


Forst we take care of the formula!
I did it this way
Now we just replace y with 3 and m with 7
I think this is it

Move all terms to the left side, and set equal to zero. Then set each factor equal to zero.
n = 5my/m+1

Mary is x years old. How old will she be in 11 years ? How old was she 5 years ago ?


Her age after 11 years is 11x
Before 5 years her age is x-5

In 11 years, she is 11 years older or x+11

5 years ago is minus 5 years or x-5

In which expression does g have a coefficient of 8?
A. 8g
B. g – 8
C. 8 + g
D. g/8


A-8g expression g has coefficient of 8

The coefient means how many are there

coefient of g is 8 means 8g

for B, the coefient is 1, as in 1g-8
for C, the coefient is still 1 as in 8-1g
for D, the coefient is 1/8, as in 1/8 times g

answer is A

Product of 709 and 68


The product of 709 and 68 is 48212.

The product is 48,212.

Find the cost of papering the four walls of a room 16m long ,12m broad and 8 metres high with paper 2 metres wide at Rs 50 per metre


If it's $50 a meter, then the answer is:
x is the cost per meter
16x + 12x + 8x + 2x

But that answer is 5,075,020,100 and that is a ridiculously high number. I hope this helps even if it doesn't answer the question.

A drug is injected into the bloodstream of a patient at time t = 0. The concentration of the drug in the bloodstream t hours later is approximated by: C(t) =
.28t t2 + 4
, 0 ≤ t ≤ 24
When is the concentration increasing? When is it decreasing? When does it achieve its maximum?


There is a typo in the equation:
The equation need to be f(t)= 28t-t2+4
You need to calculate the derivative of f(t):f'(t)= 28-2t
f is increasing iff'(t) is positive ==> 28-2t>0 ==> t 28-2t t>14
f reach its maximum when f'=0 ==> 28-2t=0 ==> t=14

The concentration is increasing between for 0 < t < 14
The concentration is decreasing between for 14 < t < 24
The maximum is achieved when t=14

I hope this will help

What is meant by algebra


Algebra is mathematic equations usually containing letters and other symbols.


Algebra is the part of mathematics in which letters and other general symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulas and equations.

Hope this helps :)

Is 1/4 greater than 3/4


No because 3/4 is closer to one so 3/4 is greater

Andrew can paint the​ neighbor's house 6 times as fast as Bailey. The year Andrew and Bailey worked​ together, it took them 7 days. How long would it take each to paint the​ house?


Each will take 21 hours to paint it

What is the next number 3 4 6 9 13 18 24


3+1=4, 4+2=6, 6+3=9, 9+4=13, 13+5=18, 18+6=24, 24+7=31. Your answer is 31. Each time , the number you add by is increased by 1

The next number is is 31

The cost C of building a house is related to the number k of carpenters used and the number e of electricians used by C(k, e) = 15,000 + 30k2 + 60e2.
If six electricians are currently employed in building your new house and the marginal cost per additional electrician is the same as the marginal cost per additional carpenter, how many carpenters are being used? (Round your answer to the nearest carpenter.)


K = number of carpenters = 10
C = 15,000+50(10)^2 +60x^2
C = 15,000+5,000+60x^2
C = 20,000+60x^2 ----- cost function

Marginal cost function = dC/dx = d/dx [60x^2] = 120x
MC = 120x ----- marginal cost function

Average cost function = C(x)/x = 20,000 /x + 60x
AC = 20,000/x + 60x

Marginal cost when x=14 is:
120(14) = 1,680

Average cost when x=14 is:
20,000/14 + 60(14) = 2268.57

Marginal cost is less than the average cost, so the average cost is decreasing as the number of electricians increases.

.007 is less than .07


.. yes, 0.007 is less than 0.07

Yes because of the decimal value

The following problem refers to strings in A, B, ..., Z. How many three-letter strings are there that begin with P ?


Tai babi kampanh sinting

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