What Fraction Is Between -3/8 And - 9/16 On A Number Line (2023)

Mathematics High School


Answer 1

-3/8 as a decimal is: -0.375

-9/16 as a decimal is: -0.5625

A number in between both of them is -5/8. Because the decimal is: -0.46875

Answer 2


- 15/32

Step-by-step explanation:

tbh the person before me helped... i just searched up -0.46875 as a fraction :/

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What is 30% of $500?


30% of 500 is 150, hope this helps ^.^

You can do a quick multiplication: 0.3 x $500 = $150.

You can also do it in your head - you know 30% of 100 is 30, so if you have 5 100's then 30% of that is 5 30's, or 150.

The following data values represent a population. What is the variance of the values? 7, 15, 11, 1, 11 A.32 B.18 C.8 D.22


First, we find the mean....
(7 + 15 + 11 + 1 + 11) / 5 = 45 / 5 = 9

now we subtract the mean from every data point, and square it...
7 - 9 = -2.....-2^2 = 4
15 - 9 = 6....6^2 = 36
11 - 9 = 2....2^2 = 4
1 - 9 = -8...-8^2 = 64
11 - 9 = 2...2^2 = 4

now we find the mean of those numbers...that is ur varience...
(4 + 36 + 4 + 64 + 4) / 5 = 112/5 = 22.4....rounds to 22



Step-by-step explanation:

Joan is building a sandbox in the shape of a regular pentagon. The perimeter of the pentagon is 35y4 – 65x3 inches. What is the length of one side of the sandbox? 5y – 9 inches 5y4 – 9x3 inches 7y – 13 inches 7y4 – 13x3 inches



Option (4) is correct.

The length of one side of the sandbox is inches.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given : Joan is building a sandbox in the shape of a regular pentagon. The perimeter of the pentagon is inches.

We have to find the length of one side of the sandbox.

Since, given sandbox is in shape of a regular pentagon.

So, Perimeter of pentagon is 5 times sides.

Perimeter of pentagon = 5 × sides

Given Perimeter is inches.

Thus, = 5 × sides

Divide both side by 5, we get,

= sides

Thus, The length of one side of the sandbox is inches.

Look at the triangle: A right angle triangle is shown with hypotenuse equal to 10 centimeters. An acute angle of the triangle is labeled as x degrees. The side adjacent to the acute angle has length 6 centimeters and the side opposite to the acute angle has length 8 centimeters. What is the value of tan x°?


Tan x°= Opposite/ adjacentso tanx°=86

The commutative property states that the order of the terms in an addition or multiplication problem can be changed without affecting the result. True Or False?


True, that is exactly what the commutative property is

What value of n makes the equation true?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 10
D. 30



C. 10



(2x⁹yⁿ)(4x²y¹⁰) = (2×4)(x⁹⁺²yⁿ⁺¹⁰)

= 8 × x¹¹ × y⁽ⁿ⁺¹⁰⁾

= 8x¹¹y⁽ⁿ⁺¹⁰⁾

∴ 8x¹¹y⁽ⁿ⁺¹⁰⁾ = 8x¹¹y²⁰

If the left hand side is equal to the right hand side, then;

y⁽ⁿ⁺¹⁰⁾ = y²⁰

n + 10 = 20

n = 20 - 10

= 10


C. 10

Step-by-step explanation:

got it right on the quiz

Ivanna bought a sofa on sale for $316.80. This price was 64% less than the original price. What was the original price? (FROM ALEKS)


Cross multiply

If it is 64% off, then ur actually paying 36%...
36% of the original price is 316.80....
0.36x = 316.80
x = 316.80 / 0.36
x = 880

Kimberley wants to plot a graph to show the prices of different numbers of skateboards. She has to plot the following points: (1, 49.99), (2, 99.98), (3, 149.97), (4, 199.96) Which of the following best describes how the x-axis should be labeled? A: From 0 to 6 at intervals of 3
B: From 0 to 8 at intervals of 4
C: From 0 to 3 at intervals of 1
D: From 0 to 5 at intervals of 1


D. from 0 to 5 at intervals of 1

If the rack held 8 bottles of soft drinks in each row, how many bottles would 2 shelves contain?


8x2=16 bottles hope this helps

Jonah is playing a video racing game called Checkpoint. The speed of Jonah’s car is recorded four times during one lap. At the first checkpoint, his speed is 80 miles per hour. At the second checkpoint, his speed has reduced by 5%. At the third checkpoint, Jonah’s speed has increased by the speed from the previous checkpoint. At the fourth checkpoint, his speed decreased by 20% compared with the third checkpoint. What is Jonah’s net change in speed between the first and fourth checkpoints?


Answer: I think this would be -15 if I am correct.

Step-by-step explanation:

It would be -15 due to the fact that the speed is both reduced decreased.



Step-by-step explanation:

Δ ABC is isosceles. Angles B and C are congruent. The m∠A = 40°, m∠B = (3x + 1)°. Find x. A)13


Answer: Option 'B' is correct.

Step-by-step explanation:

Since we have given that

ΔABC is an isosceles and ∠B and ∠C are congruent.

So, ∠B=∠C=3x+1


As we know the formula for "Sum of three angles in a triangle ":

Hence, Option 'B' is correct.

Alice works at a health care facility. She has measured the hemoglobin levels of 200 people. The data follows a normal distribution with a mean of 14 g/dL and a standard deviation of 1. From the given data, we can conclude that about people have hemoglobin levels less than 13, and about people have hemoglobin levels greater than 14.


This is a normal distribution with the mean of 14 g/dL and a standard deviation of 1 g/dL.
For less than 13 ( 13= mean - 1 standard deviation and less):
16 %of 200, 0.16 * 200 =32 people.
For greater than 14 (mean and greater): 50 %of 200=100 people.

What is a algebraic expression for 5 more than z


Z+5 that's it sorry had to put at least 20 characters so good luck. To clarify, it is z+5

Which type of bond always has the most variable interest rate? A)savings bonds
B)zero coupon bonds
D)callable bonds


The answer is choice A

a circle has a radius of 6 in. what is the exact length of an arc formed by a central angle measuring 45 degrees


To answer, determine first the circumference of the circle by the equation,
C = 2πr
Substituting the known values,
C = 2π(6 in.) = 12π in
Then, multiply this calculated value with the ratio of the intercepted central angle to the total revolution.
measure of arc = (12π in)(45°/360°)
measure of arc = 1.5π in
Thus, the measure of the arc is approximately 1.5π in.


It is 1.5, you ,might get 3/2, but make sure you divide it to get the answer of 1.5pi. (put the pi sign, not pi)

Step-by-step explanation:

Given the sample triangle below and the conditions b= square root 7 , c= square root 11, find tan (a)


Assuming that the triangle that we are given is a right triangle.


b =√7
c =√11

We can use the Pythagorean theorem to complete the dimensions of the triangle:

c^2 = b^2 + a^2
11 = 7 + a^2
a = 2

Angle A is opposite side a, therefore,

tan ( A ) = a / c
tan ( A ) = 2 /√11
tan ( A ) = 0.603
tan-1 ( 0.603 ) = A
∠ A = 31.09 degrees

Therefore, the measurement of angle A is 31.09 degrees.

50 points!!! Can someone show the work for this for me to look at. Please use A=1/2 a p format please.
The area of a given hexagon is equal to the area of an equilateral triangle whose perimeter is 36 inches. Find the length of a side of the regular hexagon.
I know the answer is 2 sqr root 6 I just need to see the work in A=1/2 a p format.


I think the answer is 3 but I'm not sure

36+2 / 6 = 1/2 so A = 3

I think the answer is 3.
Ur welcome.

2x^4yx*6xy^2z^3 multiply and simplify. I'm not asking for the answer I just need a step by step, as soon as possible please ☺️


The answer to the question is:


You get this answer by doing:

2x^4yx=2x^5y You add 4x to 1x to get 5x.

Then rewrite the problem to get 2x^5y*6xy^2z^3

Then to get the final answer multiply the equation.

Is the sequence an arithmetic sequence? 24, 29, 34, 40,...

Help please!


Yes It Is

Hope I helped! ( Smiles )

Is the number going by 5's(adding)

Select the choice that translates the following verbal phrase correctly to an algebraic expression: the sum of y and 7 A: y+7
D: 7 divided by y


Im sure that the answer is B

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