Write 1.5 As A Mixed Number And As An Improper Fraction. Write Your Answers In Simplest Form. (2023)

Mathematics Middle School


Answer 1

= 1 5/10
= 1 1/2
hope it helps

Answer 2

Mixed number would be 1 1/2 the improper fraction would be 3/2

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How many 5-centimeter squares are needed to completely cover a 1-meter square without overlapping?


The number of 5 centerimeter squares that fill a 1 meter square without overlapping is required.

The number of required to fill and area of a 1 meter square is 2000.

The area of the large square is

Converting to cm

The number of will be

The number of required to fill and area of a 1 meter square is 2000.

Learn more:



Imagine lining up these 5cm squares to form a rectangle of dimensions 5cm x 1m. We need 100/5 = 20 squares.

Next imagine stacking up these 5cm x 1m rectangles to form a square of dimensions 1m x 1m. We need 100/5 = 20 rectangles.

Each rectangle contains 20 squares, and we need 20 of them. Hence the number of 5cm squares required is 20*20 = 400.

A shortcut is to see that the smaller square is similar to the bigger square, with length scale factor 20. Since area scale factor is the length scale factor squared, we see that the area of the large square is 20^2 times larger than the smaller square. Therefore we need 20^2 small squares to make up the same area.

I hope this helps you :)

21g = 84

A. g = 3

B. g = 4

C. g = 5



The answer is B

21g = 84
You divide each side by 21 so you can get "g" alone on a side, and another number which represents the value of "g" on the other side.
(21g)/21 = 84/21
g = 4.

So the correct answer is B: g = 4.

You can re-check your answer (very important):
21g = 21 * 4 = 84

Hope this Helps! :)

(Video) 1.5 as a fraction||1.5 as a fraction or mixed number||1.5 as a Improper fraction

0.01L = how many ML????????


Your answer would be ten

0.01L = 10 ML
hope it helps

because 1L = 1,000ML

What is 32 x negative 4


It would be -128 ......

Your answer is
32*-4 is -128

What is negative 12 x negative 12


A negative number multiplied by a negative number will always equal a positive number.
-12 × -12 = 144
I hope this helps.

You and your friends want to rent a limo on prom night. The limo costs $75$75 per hour plus a $50$50 booking fee. You have $350$350 to spend. How many hours can you have the limo?



4 hours

Step-by-step explanation:

Since there is 1 time booking fee of $50, you have remaining 350-50=300 dollars left.

If each hour is $75 and you have $300, the number of hours you can ride is:

You can have the limo 4 hours.

Okay, so since its a 50 dollar booking fee... You'll have 300 dollars left to spend.. 75 multiplied by 4 would be 300.

So you would be able to rent the limo for 4 hours!

PLEASE HELP!!! The height of a window is 0.6 feet less than 2.5 times its width. If the height of the window is 4.9 feet, which equation can be used to determine x, the width of the window?

A. 2.5x + 0.6 = 4.9

B. 2.5x - 0.6 = 4.9

C. 0.6x + 2.5 = 4.9

D. 0.6x - 2.5 = 4.9

(Video) 1.5 as a Fraction (simplified form)



Option B is correct

Step-by-step explanation:

Here, x represents the width of the window.

Given the statement:

The height of a window is 0.6 feet less than 2.5 times its width

⇒ ....[1]

It is also given that:

If the height of the window is 4.9 feet.


Substitute in [1] we have;

Therefore, an equation can be used to determine x, the width of the window is,

I think the answer is B. 2.5x-0.6=4.9

What does prime fractorization


Math TermDefinition.Prime factorization.Prime factorizationis finding the factors of a number that are allprime. Here's how youdoit: Find 2 factors of your number. Then look at your 2 factors and determine if one or both of them is notprime.

Prime factorization is finding which prime numbers can be multiplied to get the number that they give you originally E.J. if they give you 24 and find 2 numbers that factor it the first that would come to mind would be 12 times 2 well 2 can't be simplified no more but 12 can, 12 can have factors of 3 and 4, now 3 cant be factored but 4 can, 4 can be multiplied by 2 times 2... so now that you factored it completely you know that 2*2*2*3=24. lets check it out 2 times 2 is 4 4 times 2 is 8 and 8 times 3 is 24. this means our factors are correct!!!

Hope this helps

Suppose you work in a clothing store. Each week you earn $250 plus a commission equal to 2.5% of your sales. This week your goal is to earn no less than $350. Write and solve an inequality to find the amount of sales you must have to reach your goal. A.250 + 0.025x ≤ 350; x ≥ 4000
B.250 + 0.025x ≥ 350; x ≥ 4000
C.250 + 0.025x ≥ 350; x ≤ 4000
D.250 + 0.025x ≤ 350; x ≤ 4000


B. 250 + 0.025× > 350; × > 4000

Suppose A = {x |x ≤ −2, x ≥ 3} and B = {x | −1 ≤ x < 5}. Which statement is true? A.A ∪ B is all real numbers
B.A ∩ B = ∅
C.A' = {x | −2 ≤ x ≤ 3}
D.B ⊆ {x | x ≤ 5}


letter B would be your true statement.

Suppose you measured the diameter of a tree trunk to be 5 cm. The actual diameter can vary by at most 0.4 cm, due to the error in measuring a non-flat surface. Write an absolute value inequality for the range of acceptable diameters and solve the inequality. A.|d − 5| ≤ 0.4; 4.6 ≤ d ≤ 5.4
B.|d + 5| ≤ 0.4; −5.4 ≤ d ≤ −4.6
C.|d + 0.4| ≤ 5; −5.4 ≤ d ≤ 4.6
D.|d − 0.4| ≤ 5; −4.6 ≤ d ≤ 5.4

(Video) 1.5 as a fraction


The correct awnser would be D

PLEASE HELP!!!! The total cost of Anja’s trip to the dentist was $628.35. She paid a flat fee of $89.95 which included the checkup and cleaning and then had 4 cavities filled, each of which cost the same amount. Which shows the correct equation and value of x, the cost of each cavity filling?

A. 4x + 89.95 = 628.35; x = $134.60

B. 4(89.95) + x = 628.35; x = $268.55

C. 4x + 89.95 = 628.35; x = $179.58

D. 4(89.95) + x = 628.35; x = $538.30


Starting off by labeling all of the her of the variables we have: Total: 628.35 X: 89.95 Clean up: sameness as x Now that we have everything we start the equation: 4x+89.95=628.35 Minus 89.95 on both sides. We are left with: 4x=538.84 Divide by 4: X=134.6 The answer to your question is A

Answer is A. 4x + 89.95 = 628.35; x = $134.60

4x + 89.95 = 628.35
4x = 628.35 - 89.98
4x =538.37
x = 538.37/4
x = 134.60

How many chlorine (Cl) atoms would be in 4 molecules of salt (4 NaCl)? A.1


The answer is A,because the way your question is written,there would be 4 molecules of salt (NA) and one molecule of CL (Chlorine)

2,000 pencils are being divided into packages of 15. How many packages can be filled?


So you divide 2,000 by 15 and you get 133.3333333333 so your can fill 133 bags with 15 pencils

2,000 / 15 = 133.333333

You can fill 133 packages evenlywith pencils, but you will have some left over.

38 students are planning to participate in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament. Each team must have at least 3 students. What is the largest number of teams that can be formed?


12 teams can be formed



Step-by-step explanation:

(Video) Improper Fractions To Mixed Numbers

12 teams can be grouped

The temperature on Mars can vary from 80 Fahrenheit to -207 Fahrenheit by how many degrees can the temperature vary on mars


287 degrees F.
207 + 80 = 287



6 because calculator



Step-by-step explanation:

It simply 6

How do you write 67.24 million in scientific notation


6.724 * 10^7 because it has to be in the best form and the 7 is how many decimal places.

I believe the answer would be 6.724

Simplify this please. 8 + 3 x 3 - 4 over 2 x | -2 |


The answeris 13 over 4 your so it would be 3 1/4

Use the distributive property to evaluate each expression. -3(x + 11)

-5(2x + 4y)

5(g - 10)





(Video) How do you write 1.5 as a fraction?


What's 1.5 as a mixed fraction? ›

1.5 = 32 = 1 12

Spelled result in words is one and one half (or three halfs).

What is 1.5 in improper fraction? ›

Answer: 1.5 as a fraction is written as 3/2.

What is a 1.5 equivalent to? ›

A 1.5 GPA is equivalent to 70% or C- letter grade.

How do you write 1.5 as a decimal? ›

Here are a few more examples: 100% = 1. 150% = 1.5.

How do you write 1.5 in numbers? ›

1.5 = one and five tenths.

What is half of 1.5 as a fraction? ›

Half of 1.5 cups is 0.75 cups, or 3/4 cups. When it comes to halving a number, x, we have the following relationship between halving a number and division: Half of x = x ÷ 2.

Is 1.5 one and a half? ›

1.5 is the same as 1 1/2, only expressed in decimal notation.

What is 1 5 as a percent in simplest form? ›

Solution: 1/5 as a percent is 20%

What is the 1.5 as a percent? ›

Answer: 1.5 as a percent is 150%.

Here, we will express the decimal number 1.5 as a percent. Let us proceed step by step.

What is mixed number to improper fraction? ›

In order to convert a mixed number to an improper fraction: Multiply the whole number by the denominator. Add on the numerator. Write the improper fraction by using the calculated value as the numerator over the original denominator.

How much is 1.5 as a whole number? ›

Following the same logic, one could round to the nearest whole number. For example, 1.5 (pronounced as "one point five" or "one and a half") would be rounded up to 2, and 2.1 would be rounded down to 2.

What is the reciprocal of 1.5 as a fraction? ›

Convert the fraction into decimal form. So, the reciprocal of 1.5 is 0.666.

How do you write 1.5 times? ›

150%, 1.5 times, 1.5× or 1.5-fold.

What does 1.5 cups mean? ›

So 1.5 cups equals 1 and 1/2 cups or 1 + 0.5 cups.

What is 1 percent as a fraction in simplest form? ›

To convert a percent to a fraction, we have to remove the percent sign and divide the given number by 100. And, then we express the fractional form of the percentage in the simplest form. For example, 1% is 1/100, 2% is 2/100 which can be reduced to 1/50.

What is 1.5 out of 100? ›

The 1.5 percent of 100 is equal to the number 1.5. To compute this answer quickly, just multiply the fraction 0.015 by the number 100. Another way to find the exact answer is by taking the fraction 1.5/100 and multiplying it by 100. The final answer will come out to be 1.5 when you solve the equation.

What is simplest form? ›

The simplest form is the smallest possible equivalent fraction of the number. Steps for finding the simplest form: Search for common factors in the numerator and denominator. Check whether one of the numbers in the fraction is a prime number.

What is an example of an improper fraction? ›

An improper fraction will always have a numerator that is equal to or larger than the denominator. 8/2 is an improper fraction. 8/2 becomes just a whole number = 4. There is no fraction as 0/2=0.

What is mixed fraction answer? ›

A mixed fraction is a combination of a proper fraction and a whole number. Usually, it represents a number between any two. For instance, 1(1/3) is a mixed fraction, where 1 is a whole number and 1/3 is a fraction, and together they form this subtype of fractions.

What is 2.5 as a mixed number? ›

The number 2.5 is a mixed number, which means it is a combination of a whole number and a fraction. When written as a fraction, it would be expressed as 25/10. The number 2.5 can also be represented as a decimal, which would be 0.25 when expressed in decimal form.

What is a improper fraction for kids? ›

An improper fraction, sometimes also called a top-heavy fraction, is a number greater than one whole. The numerator of the fraction (top number) is therefore greater than the denominator of the fraction (bottom number).

What is an example of a mixed number? ›

A mixed number, or mixed fraction, is a number that contains both an integer (whole number) and a proper fraction (a fraction whose numerator is less than its denominator). An example of a mixed number is 147 1 4 7 .

Is 1.5 equal to a half? ›

We commonly write it as “half” omitting “a” before it. One and a half means one full and one more half making it 1 ½ , ( decimal form is 1.5 i.e one point five.)

How do you write 1.5 as a percentage? ›

Answer: 1.5 as a percent is 150%.

Here, we will express the decimal number 1.5 as a percent.

What is a proper and improper fraction? ›

A proper fraction is a fraction that has no whole number part and its numerator is smaller than its denominator. An improper fraction is a fraction that has a larger numerator than denominator and it represents a number greater than one.


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