Write The Decimal As A Fraction Or A Mixed Number In Simplest Form. 2.5 (2023)

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Answer 1

Answer: 2 1/2
So 2 is a whole number & the 5 is a decimal. When a number is whole (10) it’ll go on the left side of the decimal. With this, because 5/10 is equal to 1/2, it is 2 1/2

Answer 2


Fraction: 25/10 Improper Fraction: 5/2 Mixed Number: 2 1/2

Step-by-step explanation:

2.5 as a fraction is 25/10, and when it is simplified it is 5/2. When that is simplified even more to a mixed number, it is 2 1/2

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Jill is making a quilt in the shape of a right triangle. The measurement of the diagonal of the quilt is 36 inches long. The width of the quilt is 15 inches long. What is the approximate length?



32.7 in

Step-by-step explanation:

The quilt is in the shape of a right triangle.

Therefore, we have:

- The diagonal represents the hypothenuse of the right triangle

- The width of the quilt represents one of the two sides of the right triangle

We know that for a right triangle, we can use Pythagorean's theorem:


L is the length

w is the width

h is the hypothenuse

In this problem,

h = 36 in

w = 15 in

So, the length of the quilt is:

After deposit of $100 or withdrawal of $125 and deposit of $24 the balance in a savings account was $27.28 what was the balance before the deposits and with withdrawal




Step-by-step explanation:

well you have to work backwards so subtract 24 $3.28

add 125 $128.28

subtract 100 $



Step-by-step explanation:

Definition: To solve a problem, we often _________ the given information into algebraic expressions and equations.




Step-by-step explanation:



Step-by-step explanation:

How much must be deposited today into the following account in order to have $35,000 in 7 years for a down payment on a​ house? Assume no additional deposits are made.



The amount that must be deposited is $ 19973.87.

Step-by-step explanation:

We have a relation between future value present value as:

F= P

F=future value

P=present value

r=rate (as a decimal)

n=number of compounding periods per year

t=number of years


assume rate as 8%

35000= P

or, 35000= P ×

or, P =

or, P = $ 19973.87

So you must deposit $ 19973.87 today.

Numbers divisible by 100 are divisible by 5. Conclusion: 49,700 is divisible by 5.

What additional true statement would need to be given in order to state the conclusion using the law of detachment?



49700 can be divided by 100. any number with a 0 on the end is able to be divided by 5

The ratio of boys to girls is 3 to 4 in a classroom
There are 18 boys. What
is the total number of



The total is 24

Step-by-step explanation:

lucia works at her family's italian restaurant . A 20% tip is included with each other. one customer wants to know the price before tip and if the total price of his order was 33.60




Step-by-step explanation:


33.6 ÷ 1.2+1.2b ÷ 1.2




Step-by-step explanation:


33.60-6.72= 26.88

. Ifr varies inversely as the cube of s,
and r= 17 when s= 3, find r when s=2.




Step-by-step explanation:

r varies inversely as s i.e

r & 1/s

r = K/s

K = rs

r = 17, s = 3

K = rs = 17 x 3 = 51

Now we can obtain r when s = 2 as illustrated below:

r = K/s = 51/2

r = 25.5

.9 divided by 911 rounded to the nearest whole number


Answer: 0

Step-by-step explanation:

0.9 ÷ 911= 0.00098, to the nearest whole number is 0

The frequency of a vibrating guitar string varies inversely as its length.
Suppose a guitar string 0.65 meters long
vibrates 4.3 times per second. What
frequency would a string 0.5 meters long



5.59 per seconds

Step-by-step explanation:

F is inversely proportional to L i.e

F & 1/L

F = K/L

FL = K

But F = 4.3, L = 0.65

K = FL = 4.3 x 0.65

K = 2.795

Now, we can find F when L = 0.5 by doing the following:

F = K/L

F = 2.795/0.5

F = 5.59 per seconds

Answer:5.59 per seconds

Step-by-step explanation:

F is inversely proportional to L i.eF & 1/LF = K/LFL = KBut F = 4.3, L = 0.65K = FL = 4.3 x 0.65K = 2.795Now, we can find F when L = 0.5 by doing the following:F = K/LF = 2.795/0.5F = 5.59 per seconds

Dave uses 500 milliliters of juice for a punch recipe he mixes it with 2 liters of ginger ale how many milliliter of punch does he make



2500 milliliters

Step-by-step explanation:

What’s the answer for 6x+7-4x=8+7x-26




Step-by-step explanation:

Add common variables.

(6x-4x)+7= 8+7x-26

2x+7= 8+7x-26

Subtract the least variable to both sides.

2x+7= 8+7x-26

-2x -2x

Now, simplify the equation.

7= (8-26)+5x

7= -18+5x

Add 18 to both sides.

7= -18+5x

+18 +18

Divide both sides by 5 to isolate the variable.

35= 5x

5 5


The time, t, required to complete a job varies inversely with the number of people,
p, working on the job. If it takes 7.125
hours for 8 workers to complete a job, how
many hours will it take if there are 3



19 hrs

Step-by-step explanation:

t varies inversely with number of people p

t = k/p

If it takes 7.125 hrs for 8 workers to do the job

K = tp

= 7. 125 x 8

= 57

How many hours will it take if there are 3 workers .

Recall t = k/p

t = 57/3

= 19 hrs

Therefore, It’ll take 19 hrs to Complete the job if there are only three workers.

The Split Ends Salon orders 10 cases of hand-made hairbrushes. If it takes 26 hours to produce 4 cases of hairbrushes, how many
hours will it take to produce enough hairbrushes to fill the order?



it would take 65 hours to produce all of the order.

Step-by-step explanation:

1. you already would figure out that 26 hours=4 cases or 6.5 hours per case of hairbrushes.

2. You would figure out that 26+26 is 52 so 52 hours for 8 cases

3. Then you remember u have 8 cases of hairbrushes now. Set up a mental equation where you can solve in your mind: if I need 10 cases, but have figured out I only calculated 8, how much more would I still need to meet the order?

4. After mentally solving the hypothetical problem, you then would conclude you needed 2 more cases from 8 to equal 10.

5. you then divide 26 hours per 4 cases and you get 13 hours for 2 cases.

6. finally you multiply 26+26+13 which you would get 65 as the answer

Find the area of the circle r=6




Step-by-step explanation:


Hope this helps and everything is well,


Add: 1⁄5 + 4⁄5 + 1⁄7



The answer is 8/7

Step-by-step explanation:

1/5 + 4/5 + 1/7

The lcm is 35

= 7/35 + 28/35 + 5/35

= (7 + 28 + 5) / 35

= 40 / 35

= 8/7


one and one sevenths

Step-by-step explanation:

One fifth and four fifths have the same base so you can add those numerators, which equal five. The five over five can be simplified to one and then add the one over seven

What’s the answer to x/2+1=5




Step-by-step explanation:

because 8 dived by 2 = 4, 4+1 =5



Step-by-step explanation:

x/2+1= 5

Carry over the 1 to the 5.

x/2= 5-1

x/2= 4

Carry over the 2 to the 4.

x= 4*2

x= 8

To check if it's correct:

Replace x with 8 and calculate.

8/2+1= 5

4+1= 5

Therefore x=8 and the answer is correct.

Please help i'm confused thank you !! A car rental company charges $27 per day for the use of a car. In addition, it also charges 60¢ for every mile or part thereof traveled. Mr. Li paid $453.60 for renting a car for 3 days. Find the distance Mr. Li traveled with this car.


Answer: Give brainliest please

3(27) + .60x = 453.60

Solve for x.

Step-by-step explanation:

using Y = mx +b equation

453.60 = .60x + 81 27 *3 = 81

Move the 81 over to the other side you end up with:

372.60 = .60x

divide each side by .60

x = 621

Evaluate 27x²-42x+12 and the equivalent expression that you wrote in problem 7 for x=2.


The given expression is evaluated for x = 2 and solution is 36


Given that,

We have to evaluate for x = 2

To evaulate for x = 2, plug in x is equal to 2 in given expression and solve

Substitute x = 2 in given expression

Thus the given expression is evaluated for x = 2 and solution is 36

Evaluate The following expression: -2|9|


The absolute value of 9 is 9.

So, -2 x 9 = -18

A negative times a positive is a negative


If im not mistaken -18

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